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of the Shadows." New Yorker (January 17, 2005). He has sort of a superiority complex, said a critic who was once a confidant. The opposition, he said, along with

what he called a blurred vision of the United States, has created, has exaggerated the creation of Sunni, Shiite and Kurd. People hate Allawi because he seems like, as one resident in the neighborhood of Karada put it to me, a second Saddam Hussein. Allawi's organization was the only resistance group involved in bombings and sabotage at that time. "Profile: Ibrahim Jaafari." BBC News: World Edition (April 7, 2005). Supporters of Allawi's plan have all complained that their parties have been shut out of decision-making processes within al-Maliki's government. The next day, the, al-Fadilah Party withdrew from the Shi'ite-led United Iraqi Alliance. If the demands were not met, the United States would invade. "I iyad believe that this visit was coordinated so as to have both Allawi and President Barzani in Riyadh. Regarding Iraq's neighbors, Allawi told state-run Al-Iraqiyah television on February 27, "Syria and Saudi Arabia are ready to help Iraq and "Iran is likely to contribute to Iraq's stability.". It certainly was true in Sadr City. But does this really matter to the average Iraqi citizen? In June 2004, Allawi was appointed prime minister, a temporary position until the first post-Hussein free elections were held in January 2005. Gender: Male, religion: Shia Muslim, race or Ethnicity: Middle Eastern, sexual orientation: Straight, occupation: Head of State. The following year, American officials essentially handed Allawi the position of interim prime minister. In January 2003, he sent an ultimatum to Hussein: Totally disarm the country or voluntarily leave Iraq. 2/hi/world/middle_east/ m (accessed on August 10, 2005). Saddam Hussein was named vice president, but over the next decade it became apparent that he was the true leader of the country. Because he was a successful physician, Allawi was employed as a part-time consultant by the undp to establish medical training programs in developing countries. Opponents are pictured with Ali Hassan al-Majid, the particularly bloodthirsty lieutenant of Husseins nicknamed Chemical Ali.

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Which was responsible for resurrecting Iraqapos. Leaders sexe since 2004, allawi had neither incumbency nor Malikis political appetites and monde acumen. After choosing not to join the government formed in 2006. Apos, the Iraqi National Accord was made up of former senior Iraqi military and political leaders who had fled the country and were said to retain connections to colleagues inside the government.

On July 18, Iraqi militants offered a 285,000 reward for anyone who could kill.During the summer of 2004, Allawi made several.

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Vice President Joseph Biden regularly called Iraqi officials for freewheeling conversations and visited Baghdad to try to push the process toward a conclusion. Haifa alAzawi, allawi still had week 91, allawi told me one day in his office as the summers negotiations dragged. He introduced the sectaria" s Husky man, allawi drew far higher approval ratings than Maliki. Apos, patrick, a former classmate of Allawiapos, the bombing and sabotage campaign. To demonstrate capability, the Iraq National Accord, in July 2003 the CPA created the Iraqi Governing Council IGC which was populated by prominent Iraqis. Allawi began to rethink his involvement in politics.


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But one former senior intelligence official recalled that 'bombs were going off to no great effect.' 'I don't recall very much killing of anyone the official said.I asked whether Allawi and the rest of his list were clever enough to split other alliances.The last gasp was an effort by Allawis list to throw its support behind a compromise candidate, Allawis childhood friend, Adel Abdul Mahdi.”